Emsella Chair Therapy

Do you carry around personal hygiene items to protect from urinary leakage?

Do you avoid activities that might cause some urinary leakage? No trampoline with the kids/grandkids? No long hikes away from bathrooms?

Do you feel embarrassed because you are “too young” to have this problem? I did since I had three children and the toll it took on my body left me with what is called stress incontinence.


There are many different types of incontinence besides stress incontinence. Here are a few: urge incontinence, nocturnal incontinence, mixed incontinence, post-void dribbling, postural urinary incontinence, coital incontinence, and overactive bladder.

The usual treatments include removing your clothes and a physical therapist touches you internally to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. They teach you how to do kegel exercises which take several months to accomplish and the effects wain over a few months time.

How would you like to leave the little bag of diapers behind? Stay fully dressed for therapy? Have no pain or discomfort in therapy? No taking time off from work for therapy? No surgical procedures or recovery?

And most of all….NO EMBARRASSMENT!!!

This revolutionary treatment for incontinence for men and women has been around for more than 30 years. It is FDA cleared for male and female incontinence. IT IS NEW TO THE KANSAS CITY AREA and I have the only one.

It is SAFE. You stay FULLY DRESSED. NO PAIN. NO SURGERY. NO wasting time since you can work, read emails, use your phone and computer while you just sit for 28 minutes twice a week for 3 weeks. The EMSELLA chair has the effect of doing over 11,000 kegel exercises in only 28 minutes. NO PAIN! NO SORENESS! NO STIFFNESS!

The effects continue to grow strength 3 to 6 months later for a 67% increase in function. Patient satisfaction is at 95%. IT WORKS!!

Schedule a consultation to see if you are the right candidate.  Dr. Volner has over 19 years of experience and will carefully consider if this is the right therapy for you.  The consultation fee is applied to the therapy cost if you are a candidate for this therapy.

Call and come by the office at 6308 College Blvd, Overland Park, KS 66211 and see this incredible equipment, the EMSELLA chair, that prevents surgery for this common but NOT NORMAL condition of incontinence.

Dr. Teresa Volner
Total Care Chiropractic, LLC.
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An Appointment time is a must so that we can focus on your needs and answer your questions when you come.